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One of the first big choices that a parent makes after the initial choice of introducing a child into the world is how to best introduce the world to the child!  Who will do this, where, and when?

Your quest for answers about preschool will likely take you in many directions.  But don’t be discouraged.  Look at the options, and know that there are, in fact, OPTIONS!  Close or far, short or long, costly or free, more structure or more play.  Prioritize what is important to you, and what you want for your child.

There are many wonderful preschools staffed with people who you can ask questions to about options.  But the choice that seems to be beyond many parents reach is the option of economy.  Preschool costs do not have to be sky-high.  That is where a parent co-op preschool comes in.  It gives you economy, as well as a happy balance between being involved in your child’s learning and enjoying some reprieve from child-care demands.

Empowering parents to build their own co-op preschool is the main goal of this site.  Each page walks you through the simple process.  Creating a parent co-op where you decide AND teach the curriculum (as well as receiving a break from teaching in turn), will give you peace of mind knowing the children are being introduced to the world in a structure and intensity comfortable to you.

It is feasible, flexible, and FUN!

Latest Preschool Lesson Ideas

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Live webcam is great!

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“Lorax” Sensory Rice Bin

Susan, our head teacher, made a fun connection to “The Lorax” during our study of Dr. Suess.  The colored rice started out looking very “Cat in the Hat”-like, with the red and white... READ MORE