What is in a name?

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The importance of a name. In my current preschool position, we are discussing “family”. I also have this focus in my own curriculum, with a stronger focus on identity.  This was on my mind when one of the children said something in class that showed how much their name meant to them. And the way we say their name means a lot too. A name should be treated with respect. That thought is the starting of a good lesson plan! It could be a lesson on respect and appreciation. It could also help the child feel good about themselves, or a stronger sense of identity. For fun, add in a art lesson in connection with their name. For example, draw a picture of something positive that comes to mind when they think of their name. Or Give them a black letter-the first letter of their name-and a bunch of black shapes. Glue the shapes around the letter to make it decorative-like something you would see on a stamp. Love the child, and love the name that goes with him/her!

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