Clear as mud

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I love helping the children make connections in their minds about the things around them.  This book helps the child make connections with baths and soap to dirt and mud.  Ask the question:  “Why do you think the mud puddle didn’t like the soap?”  Have the children imagine in their mind what would be left after the mud puddle had all his dirt washed away? This is a fun story to read right after a rainy day, when there is a little mud outside.  As they play outside, their minds connect back to the story.

You could go one step further and try some science experiments with this story.  Off the top of my head, I’m thinking of the other day when I tried to help my preschool kids wash paints off their hands.  Water helped, but soap really took it off!  Perhaps a little oil mixed with glitter on their hands would also show this.  water won’t get rid of all the oil and glitter.  You need soap to do that.  Good intro into the importance of washing hands!

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