Sensory Table Idea #4

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Yet another way kids can “play with their food”!  It really is amazing just how much fun kids can have with a sensory table/bucket/container in a classroom.  They can see it, touch it, hear it, even smell it (and I would suggest we keep them from tasting it!).  Large hard beans are especially great for the sense of touch.  They are solid, smooth, large, and heavy enough to really feel each one, just calling out to be touched.  (Take a look at that picture…don’t you want to stick your hands in?)

I also like how this helps with fine motor skills.  Because the beans are easy to pick up individually, a child can practice grasping each one with his fingers.  Push this idea further by placing small envelopes or cans in the tub that encourage sorting the beans into groups.  (Place a picture on the different containers of a certain color or size of bean)

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