Colored Pasta, Sensory Table #5 and More!

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Colored Pasta!  This is similar to the colored rice.  (Rice does take on the colors better, since it’s white, but the pasta is a lot of fun with the different shapes).  Be sure to pick out different shapes and sizes for your pasta.  Then decide if you want to keep the shape groups the same colors, or mix the shapes up and color them all differently.  In this example, we mixed all the shapes together first, and then colored them into 5 different colors.  (I like both ways, but this way does add a demention for a sorting project.  You can now sort by color, by shape, and by both color and shape together!)

Use this pasta for multiple purposes:

Stringing pasta necklaces, sorting for math, gluing to a picture for a colage or other art project, and of course, placing into a sensory table!

To color, place desired amount of pasta into a large sealable bag.  Mix about 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol with food coloring of choice.  Place the mixture into the bag with the pasta, and let all the kids help shake and mix the bag.  Let the pasta sit for a couple hours to absorb the color.  Then empty the bags onto some trays lined with paper towels.  Let the pasta dry overnight.

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