Pom-pom math and more!

Making up stories is always a favorite with children!  I have done this many times, and had great success!  I especially like stories of pretend adventures in the jungle as we walk from place to place.  Today, Susan, the head teacher, made up a fun story during our math lesson.  Instead of just counting out pom poms and sorting them, she told a story of friends joining other friends in the play ground. Some playing in the sandbox, some at the swings, and a group on bikes.  It wasn’t always easy for the kids to keep the piles separate or combine here and there.  But it was great cognitive exercise.  Once she knew we had the right number of friends(pom-poms) in our piles (today that was 17), she had them “line up” the friends to go get ice cream!  We counted them to make sure none were left behind.  After ice cream, she had them divide the friends into two teams to play soccer.  In order to do that, they had to pair up the friends to make sure there was an even number.  When the kids discovered that it wasn’t even, one child had the great idea of making the last friend the “coach”!  This fit well into our unit, which at this time is community helpers!

So, as you can see, making up a story along with a math lesson not only makes it more entertaining for the kids; it also holds their attention longer, and it gives opportunitiy to include other aspects of learning.  Such as our community helper unit, and the social learning of including others.

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