Different size brushes

It doesn’t matter what the kids paint.  For this example, the kids painted anything they wanted that had to do with snow.  What does matter is that you only use one color of paint (less distraction because the paint color is not what you want the kids to be thinking of), and that you offer the kids two brushes: one big, and one little.  This was to help with cognitive development.  I made a point of telling the children that they had two brushes, and that before they painted whatever they had in mind, they should think about what size brush would be the best to use.  To make sure they understood, I prompted them to think of a snowflake: what size brush would work best to paint it?  And then a snowman: which size brush would you like to use?  I didn’t give them the answers, I simply wanted to get their minds thinking about their prior experiences with brushes, and what might work best, BEFORE they actually started painting.   It was fun to watch them think, and then work!

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