Tops or bottoms: which part of the vegetable plant do we eat?

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Spring is here!

During our unit on life cycles, Susan helped the kids make a wonderful connection to a book by asking questions and drawing a picture.

First, read the book: “Tops and Bottoms” by Janet Stevens.  Its about a lazy bear and a busy rabbit who trades half of every crop with the bear.  The bear gets to pick if he wants the “tops or bottoms” of each crop, and the rabbit sneakily choses the plants that will give him the best results.

After reading Susan asked the kids to name some of the vegetables that were shared in the book.  She drew a line to represent the soil level, and would then draw the vegetables as they named them.  We would then ask the children which part of the plant we eat.  It was fun to see them start to understand that sometimes we eat the roots, sometimes the stem, and sometimes the leaves or tops of the vegetable plants.

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