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It’s a good idea to have some kind of celebration or congratulatory ceremony for the children at the end of the school year to offer closure.  This can be held as a portion of the last day of class, or it can be a separate event; one more convenient for working family members to attend.

A ceremony may run as follows:

  • The children are presented a certificate or something similar to honor their work.
  • The children walk together to the front of the audience.
  • The children dress nicely, or have something in common that makes them look like a team, and equal to their peers.  A flat-top graduation hat is always a fun one.  Instructions for making one out of black poster board is included.
  • If you did the “Treasure Boxes” (Part of the “Treasure Builder’s Preschool“), present these to the children as well
  • Present any alphabet book, or other collection of pages the children worked on.
  • The children perform a class song together, or they can share something they learned or enjoyed in preschool.
  • At the end, the children stand together and bow, or clap for each other.

Other fun ideas to add variety:

  • Parents can fill out a paper of things they appreciate and love about each of the students, (since they were all teachers).  “Build up our treasures”!
  • The children can give a gift to their parents that they worked on in class.
  • Display recent crafts or class projects the children have been working on, like the “Star Chart” of the Sky and Space Unit.
  • Give the children a little star pin, ribbon, etc, to wear.
  • Collect crafts the kids had done over the year to display (ask parents for help bringing in things they have kept that the children loved.)
  • Prior to the last day, take a group picture, and put it in a frame the children decorated.
  • Share a slideshow collage of pictures of the kids through the year.  (Having a facebook page, or other way of sharing pictures through the year can be helpful for this!)

Refreshments are always a plus!

Click here for instructions on making a flat-top graduation hat!  How to make a flat top graduation hat