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Alphabet Sounds Workbook downloadable file

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The best alphabet sounds worksheets available!


Designed to integrate into the Treasure Builder’s Preschool, this workbook is an essential tool for helping the children learn not only what the letters of the alphabet look like, but also the sounds they make.  It includes two activities per each letter of the alphabet (one for each of the two lessons in a week of Treasure Builder’s Preschool).  On the first class of the week, the worksheet focuses on the sound the letter makes, and the children practice writing the letter with “rainbow colors” (meaning, 3 or more colors).  It also has a rhyme that helps the children hear the sound in words.  The second class day of the week has a worksheet that includes 9 pictures.  6 of them start with the letter sound, and 3 of them do not.  The children go over the pictures, “x” out the ones that do not belong, and then cut and paste the correct pictures in squares surrounding the letter.  This is wonderful practice for their fine motor skills, and you will see great improvement over time!


The best part about having this workbook is that it automatically fills up some of your lesson time, making planning easier.  It also adds structure to the class.  It is something they can expect to do each day.

You are granted access to the downloadable file for $25.  You can make as many copies of the book as you desire for the kids in your class.

2 reviews for Alphabet Sounds Workbook downloadable file

  1. Julie Kuhlman

    This was a great book for the pre-school kids to work on letters and sounds. Great tool to start them learning the letters and their sounds!

  2. Joanna B.

    Our crew loved the consistency and predictability of how to complete these worksheets. Watching their confidence build with the “I know what to do here” shown on their face is pretty cool.

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