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Treasure Builders Complete Lesson Outline downloadable file

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Treasure Builder’s Preschool complete lessons outline.  A perfect guide for getting your preschool up and running!


This outline contains 9 themed units, with 8 lessons per unit.  This is designed to last approximately 9 months, and is suggested to run the same time as the public schools run.  This curriculum is unique in that each unit has a “treasure” focus that is a set of values or skills that will help the children work well in a school setting, and to be happy.


Unit 1 has a theme of “Animal Life”.  Here is it’s summary, including the “treasures” reinforced in italics:

“Unique and Content”.  These two treasures are so very important for a child just starting a new school group.  They need to understand that they are unique, and to be okay with that.  Animals are a wonderful way to show how special it is to be unique.  Each week has a fresh focus: animals in the ocean, animals on land, bugs and birds, and even dinosaurs!  It’s a great way to introduce the year, as animals are a favorite of most children; which will help them feel comfortable and excited to be there.

Once you have access to the file, you can download it as many times as you need.

4 reviews for Treasure Builders Complete Lesson Outline downloadable file

  1. Jed is very informative, bookmarked

  2. Julie Kuhlman

    I used this template for several years for our community run parent co-op, it was easy to follow and a great base that could be modified if you wanted to. Great place to start your schooling for the little ones now!

  3. Joanna B.

    Why reinvent the process all by yourself? You want to teach your child and some kids in the neighborhood. You don’t want to be spending all your free time doing lesson planning just hoping you included all the elements they need to learn. Who among us with a preschooler isn’t exhausted anyways! 🙂 This program gives terrific ideas in an organized way. Our kids have loved the time together learning, playing, and exploring their world. Thank you Treasure Builders!

  4. Joy Z.

    You’re making the commitment to be your child’s teacher! Make another great choice now by picking this curriculum to be guided by! This is a tried & true outline to last you through the year!

    You’ll want to make sure you get the alphabet worksheet booklet too! The time you would spend trying to find cohesive worksheets like this will cost you MUCH more, and here it’s all put together for you! Just purchase & print!!! It really is ALL that simple! Trust me, as a busy Mom with multiple businesses, I was thrilled to find this complete guide! My son is ALL the better for it. I’m certain his future teachers will thank me for his academic readiness!

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