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Treasure Maps




Currently, these maps can only be mailed to you.  I hope to have the downloadable files available soon as well!


These colorful and fun treasure maps measure 16 inches by 24 inches, are custom made, and a wonderful addition to the “Treasure Builder’s Preschool” lesson outline.  They keep in theme with the idea of “finding treasure” in what we learn.  They are designed to fit the middle section of a standard tri-fold board, and is therefore a great addition to circle time.  It not only gives the children a reminder of what they have been learning, but also presents them with the “big picture” of the entire unit.  During circle, the children move the marker forward along the path on the map to show progress in their learning.  One map is designed per each unit of the curriculum; nine maps/units total.

(Note Additional Idea: with this map, I made a simple paper token/coin that we printed and gave to the children at the end of each map.  They would glue this onto a paper treasure box that was also attached to the back-side of the trifold board.  They loved collecting all 9 tokens!  Contact me for these files if you would like them.)



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