You can be prepared to start your preschool as you hold two basic meetings:


Interested Parents Initial Meeting,

and a

Final Set-Up Meeting.

(Click on the links to learn more about each meeting)

Within these meetings you will make choices on the where, when, and how of running your preschool.  You will also decide on how you will organize your lessons-typically by either making theme outlines  yourself, or by purchasing outlines and curriculum’s from other sources.


Remember, this is not only feasible, but also flexible and fun!  Maybe your first meeting will be mostly over the phone with interested friends.  Don’t give up if things don’t work perfectly!  I had one start in particular that was a bit crazy, but we kept going, and ended up with a wonderful school year!  On the other hand, if you start and it doesn’t work out, you can always change your mind-and not loose out on a money investment.