Approximately 2-3 weeks before you plan to start class, hold a final meeting to make sure every participating parent is still on board.  Also finalize the following:

  1. Which 2 days of the week you will hold class
  2. Length of class,
  3. Time of day
  4. Start and end dates
  5. The teaching schedule final draft
  6. Include a snack, lunch time, or both?
  7. Stocked supply box?
  8. The emergency medical sheet. Each parent should fill in basic medical information and contacts in the case of an emergency.  Include in this any allergies or medications or special needs.

Final assignment of any jobs that were not already assigned.

Click on “Interested Parent Initial Meeting” to review


Below are some very helpful templates and files for organizing your co-op, if you would like to use them.  Don’t feel overwhelmed by all the possible templates.  These are just to help, if you want them.  Remember, this is your own preschool.  You can organize it any way you would like.

Initial parents meeting agenda and collection of info

Medical and Emergency Information Template

Contact and Basic Info Template

Teaching template with instructions and blank

Daily Lesson and Schedule Structure Template

Timed Template for Planning your Lesson blank

Helpful Hints and Rules to Follow

Practical Activities Guide


The Class Anker:  The Tri-fold board.

downloaded from phone Nov 2 2015 235

Used every day for morning circle, this board gives you what you need to welcome kids to class, give them ownership/responsibilty, and start your day:

Need:  Paper, pens/markers, a tri-fold board (or similar), and glue or other adhesive.

Suggestions on how to put together your Trifold Board: 

  1. Lay out your blank board.
  2. List and outline what you would like to be displayed on the board, You may want to include:
    • Thumbnail pictures of the kids.  They velcro/pin them to the board when they arrive.  (You would also want a small pocket for the pictures to be stored in)
    • A job chart with name tags that can be rotated.  (Jobs can be whatever you feel is best.  Popular options: calendar updater, weather reporter, lunch helper, etc.)
    • The “Treasure Builder’s” maps, if you use them.  Click here to view.
    • Name plates for each of the children to put stickers on as you observe good behavior.
    • Rules of the school
    • Anything else related to your curriculum.
  3. Print (or Write) out headings for each section.
  4. Layout everything on the board before gluing down.
  5. Place tape all around the edges and other areas prone to tearing.


You’re ready; now get set, and GO!