Acorn Study

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I love that school usually starts in the Fall.  There are so many colors and changes in the environment and things to excite every one of your five senses! It’s nice to have an activity always out that the children can explore on their own.  This acorn tray is one such activity.  Place different kinds of acorns that are whole, and some that are in pieces.  Include a magnifying class for a closer look!

Ten Apples Up on Top!

Don’t you love that book, “Ten Apples Up on Top?”  The kids always get into it, and this is a great way to help them enjoy it even more, plus build some Gross Motor skills!

After reading the story, Take them to a room/space large enough that they can walk around as they try to balance “apples” on their own head!  (But your “apples” will be a bit easier to balance, as they will really be pieces of foam noodles used for swimming!)  Walk around the room with only one-then add another, and another!  See how many they can balance!

Pumpkin or Apple?

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I’m learning to love Venn Diagrams.  With the fall very much underway, we have done a lot of science and other activities related to apples and pumpkins.  We checked out the inside, the outside, and everything inbetween!  After carving a jack-o-lantern and doing some painting with apple cutouts, we made a venn diagram as a class.  What things about apples and pumpkins are the same?  Which are different?  This final activity of making a venn diagram helped tie all our learning together, and made the kids really think.

Lego Math

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Doing math with any kind of toy collection is a lot of fun for preschool! In this example the children are using Lego blocks!   First they get a few minutes to just explore and play with the Legos.  Then we have them sort into piles, perhaps according to color. Finally, they count out a certain number of blocks-usually whatever number we are working on.   From there we can explore in many more ways! For example, we have the children figure out if the number is even or odd by placing the blocks in pairs. We may even organize in groups of three. We see what we can build with it, we count and sort it.

Here is another favorite toy collection we use: little plastic toy bears.  In this pic they are sorted into pairs to see if there is an “odd man out”.

Sensory Table #1

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The children will love this “under the sea” collection for the Sensory Table! It’s a great way to “save” ask those shells your kids pick up. Add a bucket, shovel, and some colorful fish-tank rocks, and the children’s imagination will sail away!

If you don’t have a Sensory Table, then use a container or wide box.