NOTE:  PRESCHOOL PROGRAM IS CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED.  When it’s complete, it will fully replace the current version.  Until that time, CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT THE UPDATES


Click here to purchase Treasure Builders outline!    Treasure Builders Preschool Outline

“Treasure Builder’s Preschool” is designed specifically for the preschool layout this website suggests: a parent co-op which runs two days a week for 3 to 3 ½ hours each lesson.

Treasure Builder’s Preschool

Objectives and Goals

Treasure Builder’s strives to incorporate cognitive and creative learning ideas and activity suggestions into a ready and easy to use outline; ideal for parents starting a co-operative preschool.   Core skills and values (called “treasures“) are assigned to each unit, to be demonstrated and encouraged by the teacher parent, promoting positive learning and personal happiness.

 Our curriculum:

  • Builds skills that will help children feel comfortable in school setting:
    • Social, teamwork, self confidence, practical/common sense
  • Builds skills and values that promote positive learning and personal happiness
    • Each unit promotes a focus on treasures to learn, which are skills or values such as perspective, service, identity, problem solving, communication and others.
  • Introduces reading/writing/math fundamentals
    • Each day will contain an activity focusing on the name and sound a letter makes.
    • Numbers are counted on the daily calendar.  Cognitive thinking encouraged throughout.
    • Books are read daily, and literacy activities encouraged.



All the Treasure Builder’s product descriptions can be read, viewed, and purchased at the Treasure Builder’s Shop (click here),  Including:

The Lesson Outlines. Outline of 9 themed units, 8 lessons per unit, including ideas and guides for planning your lessons.  Also included is a template for planning daily lessons, and a template for the teaching schedule.  This outline has been tested and revised multiple times.  To see a sample, click here: UNIT 5 sample page.

The Treasure Maps. These maps complement the curriculum outline above, but are not required.  One is placed on the trifold board during each unit, giving the children a view of the “big picture” you are trying to teach.  They are beautifully painted to match each theme.

The Alphabet Sounds Workbook.  Highly recommended. This book has been used multiple times, and has been a great resource.  It includes two activities per each letter of the alphabet.  Every lesson includes this ready-made activity, helping not only the kids, but also the parents as you plan your lesson!

Jump Starts: If you are interested, but would like some direction and help with starting your program, I can help.  You provide the interested friends and parents, and I will start the organization process for a small fee.  I want this to work out for you as well as it worked for me!